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Feb 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
in the texas panhandle. this is what it was like today in amarillo. has calledck perry in the national guard. >> amazing. >> texas is a big area. they just come right down. a wild weather. 17 inches of snow now in amarillo. the blizzard is going to wichita and oklahoma. in the meantime, a beautiful, dutiful sky. nice high, thin clouds coming in. the morningarly in and commuting around washington, it will be rain around washington, it will probably not arrive until about noon time. the rain is below average. i think that many areas will be coming up. look at what amarillo is doing now. 32 degrees. 70 miles per hour. the snows have ended. this is what it is like in wichita. you can see the primary storm. it is heading into oklahoma city. oklahoma city, 4.5 inches. this is the storm that is coming our , georgia, itanta will take a while getting here. some sprinkles and light showers around ohio. this is the area that is primarily under storm watches and warnings. it is chicago later on. i think that this will be 4-8 inches of snow. a winter weather advisory in the shenandoah valley. icyne a bri
Feb 12, 2013 4:30am EST
a lot of snow, amarillo, it's starting to snow hard. north texas will get the snow first and then spread to oklahoma today and oklahoma city. looks like you're going to be shoveling tomorrow morning this time. here's where the rain is locate. winter storm warnings go from amarillo out into oklahoma into the winter storm watch. that's a winter weather advisory or winter storm warning shortly. and we are watching the possibility of six inches from amarillo almost just to the north and west of oklahoma city. oklahoma city officially will probably end up with somewhere between three to five inches. that's a pretty impressive storm. of course, mentioned mardi gras down in new orleans. there were rain showers yesterday. unfortunately not the best today either. more scattered storms. you can see all the wet weather moving in in the deep south, soaked after the tornadoes. for the forecast up in the northeast, some people still don't have power. it's going to be warm, as warm as 44 in boston. chicago, not bad, still chilly at 34. again, we're nice through the rockies and the northern plains. that
Feb 26, 2013 4:30am PST
guess we are counting our lucky stars. >> in amarillo blizzard conditions they are dealing with all sorts of conditions and we are dealing with tranquil conditions and if you like this weather you will like the extended outlook, here is sal. >>> we have a crash on the shoulder and if you are there you might see some activity but this is a look at highway 24 which looks nice and as you drive through the caldecott tunnel that has been nice and let's talk about the commute into san francisco 101 is at the speed limit, let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with breaking news an intense situation with the -- intense situation with the fbi, they are questioning more than a dozen possible suspects after a marathon standoff, here is -- tara moriarty joins us from headquarters. >> reporter: they definitely have their hands full and this is the next step after an intense search which lasted through the night in oakland. chp helicopter and the bomb squad helped at a home at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. officers were serving a search warrant while investigating two rival gangs for dealing with
Feb 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
-inch per hour snowfall rates and hurricane-force wind gusts were clocked in amarillo. the national weather service called it a crippling, historic blizzard. >> we're going to step outside and let you see what it's like so far. >> more than a foot of snow and 77-mile-an-hour wind gusts combined to create whiteout conditions, shutting down every road in the texas/oklahoma panhandle. texas rarely sees this much snow from one storm. it's amarillo's second snowiest day on record with 17 inches. the national guard and local emergency crews struggled through snowdrifts that topped 6 feet in places to reach dozens of stranded motorists. the storm also pummeled western oklahoma. >> as you folks already know out there, conditions are terrible for travel. >> as it blew into kansas, people in its path tried to prepare. >> as you can see, going to the grocery store and just hoping that we have enough food, and where i don't have to get back out in it. >> this storm is a tough one-two punch for the region. wichita had its second largest storm on record and kansas city their biggest snowfall in 2
Feb 26, 2013 5:30pm PST
. >> reporter: and they're bad across a wide swath of the country. 19 inches in amarillo, 21 in follette, texas, nearly 7 in wichita and 11 inches of snow in kansas city. at least three deaths have been blamed on the storm, two from traffic accidents. but roof collapses also pose a danger. heavy, wet snow brought down this roof on a horse arena in shawnee, kansas. fortunately, no people or horses were injured. in amarillo, texas, truckers don't know when it will be safe to get back on the roads. >> i'm feeling a lot of frustration. i've got a high-dollar load that has to go out. >> reporter: kansas city is still recovering from last week's storm. and with even snow plows stuck, there may be a lot more scenes like this pickup truck towing a kansas city bus to safety. as the storm moves north, detroit struggles to keep 2,000 miles of road clear, while officials in nearby macomb county are worried about keeping the power on. >> with this wet snow, it concerns us, so we are concentrating in some of those questionable trees that might fall across the roadway. >> reporter: at chicago's o'hare airport
Feb 13, 2013 4:30am EST
karins joins us. >> good snow yesterday from amarillo to oklahoma city. that's a storm we're tracking across the city. let's take a look at the big pattern across the country. as i showed you the storm we're dealing with in areas of oklahoma and especially amarillo will be the story of the focus. one thing we noticed yesterday, you may like this one, the mayor up in connecticut what asking people to come help shovel. he said he's offering minimum wage. this is for minimum wage. anyone who could do it could come. 500 people, 14 and older, showed up. maybe some of of them are a helping hand, maybe some made a little extra money. as far as this snow, not much impact as far as needing to be shoveled. but we are dealing with deep rain in the deep south. what is that, four days in a row, five days in a row with cloudy rainy weather in the deep south. it helps the drought in georgia. the northern ozarks, southern missouri, maybe a little snow, an inch or two. temperatures are above freezing so the roadways are a little wet. as far as that forecast for tonight as it makes its way to the mid-a
Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm EST
-396-2269. >>> we have breaking news right now in a late-night vote. amarillo county replaced john leopold. he resigned after he was convict of misconduct in office. megan mccorchall has the results. megan? >> reporter: it's the dawn of a new day. lauren arello has become the county executive. >> reporter: the people all made their case. >> i think i am the person to fix who what is broken. >> i have a passion amarillo county. >> reporter: each hoping to fill the seat of disgraced county executive john leopold who was found guilty of misconduct in office. he was convict of using his security staff to perform campaign duty and forcing county workers to do personal errands, like emptying his catheter bag. >> we're looking for someone that will clean house, the realm inapts of the leopold administration have continued to play their game over last couple weeks. for me, that's, you of the highest priorities on my list. >> comprehensive changes, a government that respects the women who work here, and some honesty and integrity for all. >> reporter: regulator sa
Feb 5, 2013 5:30pm EST
papel crítico en disminuir sus filas afinando la competencia entre naranja, amarillo y azul. pero aun con la presión del depredador, barry descubrió que los tres colores tienen su modo de conseguir lo que quieren. esta amarilla está merodeando, buscando su oportunidad de anotar. para deshacerse de ese molesto macho naranja, imita el movimiento de cabeza que las hembras usan para rechazar parejas, el macho naranja cree que fue despreciado y ahora el intruso amarillo puede llamar a la hembra. mientras, este azul ayuda a su amigo a cuidar de la hembra de ambos. los azules usan un movimiento único para identificarse con sus compañeros. juntos pueden cuidarse de las amarillas o repeler a una naranja, un azul incluso sacrificará su vida por su compañero, comparten tantos genes que no importa quién se aparee con la hembra. pero en este campo de juego no hay garantías... ♪ y no hay defensa contra una cascabel. con su compañero fuera permanentemente, este azul solitario no es rival para un invasor naranja. ♪ sus ejercicios fuertes muestran su fuerza y condición a la hembra y pue
Feb 26, 2013 2:35am EST
. 20 inches of snow fell on amarillo. at least two deaths are being blamed on the storm. >>> in austin, texas, cameras were rolling as the wall of a three-story building crumbled to the ground. crews said the strong winds played a roll in that destruction. no one was hurt and they have no idea when the building will be opened again. >>> now moving on to today's forecast. that storm system moves into the midwest bringing snow to chicago and detroit by tonight. rain in the northeast later on in the day. some icing across appalachia. snow in the rockies. showers in the northwest and warming up in the southwest. >> seasonal temperatures in tupper midwest and northeast. miami, 85 degrees. burrr. and honolulu sitting pretty at 81. >> oh, man. lucky them. >>> a home last man down on his luck for years is getting a great new start in life just for being honest. >> that's why this is our favorite story of the day. kansas city panhandler billy ray harris found a pricey ring in his donation cup. turned out sarah darling forgot her ring walls in her purse. ray immediately returned the ring. there
FOX News
Feb 25, 2013 12:00pm PST
. reports of 10-foot snow are drifts in amarillo. look at the scene this morning in amarillo. we're talking up to 3 inches of snow per hour in spots. whiteouts, driving impossible. the national guard is now involved. let's get to the fox extreme weather center. let's start with the tornado threat. >> we have a warm side of the storm bringing a threat for tornadoes. tornado watches for louisiana, texas, arkansas and florida. a tornado warning south of shreveport meaning conditions are favorable and we have strong rotation. all these storms seeing rotation. unfortunately through the afternoon, the evening and tomorrow. there's the severe weather threat, a big area from louisiana to arkansas, north florida into georgia for hail, damaging wind and tornadoes. >> shepard: snow as part of the same system. >> amarillo 17 inches of snow on the ground already. where we have the snow flying across the panhandle of texas and oklahoma and we have live video coming in to us. i don't think it's live. this might be on tape. woodward, oklahoma at the panhandle and of course folks are advised to not be on th
Feb 25, 2013 9:00pm PST
was finally back on the ground. off the houses. >> amarillo a, texas is buried under snow. nearly 17 inches of snow started falling yesterday in amarillo a.emergency personnel utility crew not equipped to handle heavy ♪. hundreds without power. win gust up to 60 miles an hour are pushing blanket of snow across the road creating white out conditions. authorities have shut down all roads out of amarillo. all flights out of the airport were also cancel. >> veteran british explorer is quitting his attempt to be the first person to cross the south pole on skis. after developing severe case of frost bite. he's 68. he will be evacuation wayed when blizzard conditions end. fines an his 5 member team had hoped to conquer what is long called one of the last great polar challenges. traversing 2500 miles in a place where temperatures often dip as low as minus 100 degrees. the expedition had been dubbed coldest journey and team encountered rough conditions from the moment they landed. >> white out conditions. top of the mountain pass. 2000 80 meters. last tonight the wind started to pick up.
Feb 25, 2013 5:00pm PST
coming down so fast. amarillo, in 24 hours, picked up 19 inches of snow, all the way to woodward, oklahoma. wasn't even snowing this morning. they're now 15, and it's still snowing, and it's still blowing around. some of the winds, 60 or 70 miles per hour. creating 5 and 6-foot drifts. we're hearing some of the plows are now coming off the roads again. they can't clear them. they can't do anything with it. as soon as they clear, ten minutes later, the drifts are back in again in parts of kansas and into oklahoma. this is going to be a very difficult night. i can't stress any more what you said, do not travel, do not go out. you could get stuck, and then the people trying to get the people are getting stuck. they're sending bulldozers, literally to clear some of the snow, to get to the emergency vehicles trying to get to the people who are stuck. not a night to go outside in the high plains. >> i was trying to figure out the first image we showed. that was a car buried under snow. it's amazing how quickly the snow has moved in. we'll check back in with you later on in the ohour as
Feb 26, 2013 12:00pm EST
-- from kansas to remain. it dumped the second-biggest no- fault amounts in history on amarillo, texas. it is not just the snow creating a mess in texas. the near hurricane-forced winsds spreading fires near san antonio, including one in a mobile home that killed a woman and her twins and spread to neighboring homes. >> i went to my house to try to get the xers and papers. -- fixtures and -- pictures and papers. i could not do it. my home went up in flames. >> the storm is bringing flooding to the south and canceling flights and closing the airport in wichita, kansas. a punch for the planes were some of the remnants from the last storm are falling and so on the spirit of some bracing for another winter wallop. >> this is crazy. i do not like the winter. >> it is three days until budget cuts hit. the president is in newport news warning of the page coming for national dispense -- the pinch to national defense spending. >> the white house has warned of airport delayed and lost jobs. there is talk of us becoming more vulnerable against terrorism. lex we cannot maintain the level of securi
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
la ciudad... en nueva york son amarillos, en londres negros, y si la comision de taxis de la ciudad lo determina en el distrito seran de color rojo. .. silvana quiroz, nos amplia la informacion... decenas de madres llegaron a washington el dia de amor y la amistad es una fecha muy esperada por las parejas... pero los negocios tambien esperan con ancias a que llegue este dia .. lilian mass salio a las calles y comprobo el flujo de compradores decenas de madres llegaron a decenas de madres llegaron a washington mas adelante:. el papa bendicto xvi pedira en su ultimo mensaje a los lideres de la iglesia catolica mundial que dejen de lado sus rivalidades... tambien... tendremos al abogado jose pertierra para que conteste a sus preguntas sobre casos migratorios... y no se pierda la segunda parte sobre la terapia alternativa delfinoterapia... y aprovecharon el dia de san valentin para abogar por medidas contra el uso de armas de fuego.. fernando pizarro nos amplia.. benedicto xvi estÁ redactando su Último mensaje para la iglesia catÓlica en el que pide a los lÍderes de la instituciÓ
Feb 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
at this time lapse video. overnight, amarillo disappearing in snow. >> see what it's like so far. here we go. >> reporter: amarillo had more than a foot and a half of snow, blown by gusts of up to 77 miles per hour. huge three to five-foot drifts covering roads and highways. schools and businesses were shut down. texas has called in the national guard to rescue people stranded on the roads. in neighboring oklahoma, families trapped in their cars. like bill thompson, his wife, daughter and two granddaughters, stranded on highway 83. they called for help. >> i don't know how many days or hours we're going to be here. because they can't get to us. >> reporter: they were trapped for three and a half anxious hours. if you find yourself stuck in a car in a blizzard, remember, keep your seat belt on. other drivers might slide into you if you're stuck. crack the back window slightly. oftentimes the tail pipe gets covered by snow, which can cause deadly carbon monoxide fumes to get in the vehicle. run the engine for 10 to 15 minutes every hour. back in kansas, which has barely recovered from last wee
Feb 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
, whiteout conditions were reported in amarillo, texas, which could get a foot and a half of snow. tonight the storm is heading east through oklahoma and kansas and michael shwankee is with our cbs affiliate in wichita. michael, what's happening there? >> reporter: scott, the snow has let up but we're told do not expect that to last. more snow expected to come in tonight. forecasters saying right now they're expecting eight to ten inches. that is on top of a near record- breaking snowfall we had just last week when we received more than 14 inches of snow. it's not just kansas. go to the south of here in oklahoma where eight highways are closed, including parts of i-40. take you down to texas, texas experiencing what's being called an historic storm. amarillo experiencing record snowfall, possibly 14 to 20 inches. we're told road crews are trying to save stranded motorists along a stretch of highway near childress. scott, the problem now for a lot of these communities becomes what do you do with all of this snow? as you can see in the wichita area, a lot of it is still piled up. >> pelley:
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am PST
go to steve first, are you all set for the weather? >>> greatest know fall ever in amarillo. it happens now and then, kansas city has flight delays. what is going on in the west coast, high pressure is deflecting everything to the north, 30s and 40s will give way to mid-60s for some, here is sal. >>> we have a hit-and-run and actually we will start with this first. i'm sorry this is northbound 880 in oakland there is an injury accident some somewhere embarcadero and broadway and you can see the backup is already building here in oakland northbound. this is a big problem for the nimitz freeway northbound and traffic is building. now let's talk about the hit- and-run in san jose, somebody died as a result of being hit by a car and the car sped away and police are not releasing any details except that it was a dark car they are looking for and we will bring you the latest as soon as they are set up and ready to go. >>> we have developing news from oakland, the fbi is busy helping police in a major homicide investigation. they are questioning for than a dozen suspects with a sta
Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
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Feb 12, 2013 4:00am EST
of snow around amarillo, oklahoma city and wichita. on top of that, rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> mostly 40s in the northwest. 82 in miami. and 73 in new orleans. >>> coming up next after the break, new reasons to check your credit report. >>> plus, a developing story from overnight. police check out a new lead in the search for a suspected killer in california. >>> plus, the latest in casino comfort. placing bets right from your bed. >>> and welcome back, everybody. if you have not checked your credit reports lately you might want to. a government study finds one in four consumers are finding errors in their credit reports. those mistakes can lead to paying higher interest rates on credit cards. consumers are entitled to a free copy of their credit report each year. >>> but the delinquency rate is down. rising home prices and low-interest rates are making it easier for homeowners to refinance and lower their payments. >>> today marks four years since the last fatal airline crash in the u.s. that's the longest such period in more than 50 years. last year was also the
Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
and crippling blizzard. amarillo had 19 inches yesterday. some of that coming down to two to three inches an hour and low in hurricane force winds p wind gusts as high as 77 miles an hour. you have five to six feet wind drifts. they will be digging out today and tomorrow. amarillo with 19 inches. snowiest day on record. >>> a drive-by congress. that's the term nancy pelosi used today when she noted her colleagues just returned from a ten-day break and they won't be around after 3:00 on thursday afternoon. nine hours later, the sequester starts. steve handelsman is on capitol hill where there has been a lot of talk but not much action. >> reporter: talk without negotiation. the new nbc news "wall street journal" poll finds america split over whether president obama is you don't know pieing our nation. in the midst of this manufactured crisis. but 64% of that poll, two out of three say, republicans are taking a partisan approach and that discrepency that would explain the obama battle plan on display today in virginia. to dramatize the effect of the inevitable across the board cut and blame
Feb 26, 2013 2:00am PST
of amarillo. look at the conditions there. he says the highway has been shut down. he has been stuck for about eight hours when he finally took that picture. two people have been killed, one on an icy road in kansas, another at a home in oklahoma where the roof collapsed under the weight of all that snow. at this hour, winter storm warnings are in effect as far north as illinois. this massive system tracks north and east with kansas, missouri, wisconsin, and michigan next on its hit list. so we have the storm covered for you this morning. minute by minute. state by state. jennifer del cad ygado is tracke storm. first, let's go to kansas city. they're getting hit by the second major snowstorm in a week. terrible for those folks out there. >> reporter: it is. [ no audio ] certainly going to be worse than the storm we had last -- [ no audio ] we didn't see -- [ no audio ] >> yeah, that storm is powerful and is clearly affecting her microphone. let's work on that and then get back to her. let's go to jennifer delgado. she's in the cnn weather center in atlanta. what can you tell us? >> i can tell
Feb 26, 2013 1:40am PST
lapse video. amarillo, disappearing in snow. >> see what it's like so far. here we go. >> reporter: amarillo had more than a foot and a half of snow, blown by gusts of up to 77 miles per hour. huge three to five-foot drifts covering roads and highways. schools and businesses were shut down. texas has called in the national guard to rescue people stranded on the roads. winds were whipping in south texas, too. brush fires sent flames into a home near san antonio, killing three people. in oklahoma, families trapped in their cars. like bill thompson, his wife, daughter and two granddaughters stranded on highway 83. they called for help. >> i don't know how many days or hours we're going to be here, because they can't get to us. >> reporter: they were trapped for 3 1/2 anxious hours. back in kansas, which has barely recovered from last week's snow, is now getting it again. if you're looking for any snow on the east coast, a whole lot of you not going to get it. it will stay mostly rain. ginger zee, abc news, kansas. >> ginger loves her job. and she would have to. >> if you have to be ou
Feb 25, 2013 10:00am PST
to texas. second major storm to hammer the region in a week. so, this is what it looks like. in is amarillo, texas, whiteout conditions now closing roads, even forcing the state to pull its snowplows off the roads. emergency crews having some trouble actually reaching stranded drivers. in wichita, texas -- kansas, rather, schools are closed for a third day. parts of the city could get up to 26 inches of snow. this is on top of 22 inches the city got last week. the governor has extended a state of emergency declaration there. up to 19 inches of snow hitting jefferson, colorado. about 70 miles from denver. hundreds of flights were canceled in denver because of this weather. chad myers bringing all of this to us. what does it look like particularly in the texas panhandle? >> you know, it is really a mess. when i heard they were pulling the plows off the roads because it was too dangerous for the plows -- >> that's crazy. >> -- i thought, i grew up in buffalo, i've never heard of such a thing. then i saw the pictures and the white-out conditions. it was white out and dark before sunrise. it's s
Feb 25, 2013 2:00am PST
. now, you add in the wind. 40, in amarillo, and 24. look at the gusts. they're going to continue throughout the day. really, the danger is going to be the visibility. when you get the winds, visibility is going to be less than a quarter-mile. now, you add in a foot and a half of snow, across parts of kansas, missouri. it is going to be a big, ole mess out there. we time this for you. and we take you through 10:00 p.m., notice the snow starting to get heavier in parts of kansas. and in st. louis, your snow starts tuesday. and the same for chicago and down towards the south. we're going to be looking at rainfall. in parts of louisiana, alabama into georgia. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in place. and that is until 8:00 a.m. local time for louisiana. we're also talking potential for tornado threat. look at this. in yellow. the northern gulf coast. we're looking from texas all the way to florida. another three-peat. >> there we go. >> not the good kind, at all. >> this is winter. hello, winter. >> it is. >> one last -- >> we need spring. >> thanks, jennifer. >>> we'll be back i
Feb 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
. it produced heavy snowfall in amarillo, texas. about 45 centimeters. blizzard conditions happening across north western texas. this system will make its way toward the northeast. the heaviest snow will be found in kansas and ahead of the system severe weather is happening be m as for temperatures on tuesday very warm across the south. 30 degrees in miami. very chilly up towards the knot minus 3 for the high in winnipeg. in europe severe weather is still happening across the mediterranean. the heaviest rain will be found in the western balkan peninsula. heavy snow will continue in northern spain but staying dry for the british isles. lots of sunshine for you. london 6 degrees and 5 degrees in paris. madrid with a high of 8 degrees on tuesday. here is the extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline". i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo.
Feb 14, 2013 5:00am PST
vez les tengo que contar que el irn viernvierno regresÓ al pobl amarillo en texas, mÁs de 2 pulgadas ayer desde la maÑana y los campos y casas estÁn cubiertos por un manto blanco, y se han reportado 15 accidentes cuasado por la tormenta invernal, pero a fosin serias consecuencias, hoy una fuerte tormenta invernal desde ohio ha es ahÍ kentucky, el grueso de la tormenta invernal llegarÁ a ustedes en washington d.c., luego se convierte en ne ve tanto en washington d.c. el oeste de virginia, el sur de nueva york, connecticut y boston hablamos de solamente una pulgada de nieve pero lo suficiente para provocar pues tremendo dolor de cabeza en las carreteras, mientras tanto tenemos fuertes precipitaciones en el sureste del paÍs, y una masa de aire bien frÍa de norte se se desplaza todo el sureste durante las prÓximas 24 horas, provocando heladas hasta el norte de la florida. en miami con mucha inestabilidad, fuertes lluvias, vamos a tener mucha nubosidad, pero al menos la nieve llega para ustedes en todo el medio a pl atlÁntico hoy miÉrcoles. nuevamente para el fin de semana experi
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